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Great Style

I love the design and simple, clean shape of the brush. Purchased from DJ's EOY Sale last week.
So far I'm happy with the function and the construction.
It's strong build but a soft touch.
I like small things but I feel it would be perfect if slightly larger handle and soap storer.
It caught my eye because it's strong enough to clean dirty pots, yet gentle enough not to do damage.

Great purchase

Can now sit comfortably on any chair. I bought two. One for home and one to take with me wherever I go.

iPad holder

Very pleased with this holder. From all angles

Bamboo Clothes pegs

Nice looking, work well. Arrived promptly, no hassles. I thought they'd be a bit bigger, but all good.

Comfortable socks

Bright, cosy and comfortable

Best Gloves ever

I have used these oven gloves for several years and have found them to be the best I have ever used. I am amazed as to how I feel no heat at all when wearing them, and how well they fit on your hand. Easy to clean. 10/10

CPAP pillow review.

I have long-term osteoarthritis plus sleep apnaea, for which I use a CPAP machine. I was surprised and very pleased to find that your pillow greatly improved my neck pain, and also improved my sleep apnoea,the first night I used it and consistently thereafter. Now I just need something that will relieve my back pain.Delivery was very prompt and price very reasonable. Thank you.

Loved this product. It was just what I expected it would be.

Nice and soft, I love it 😊

I use this mattress toppers on the floor to transition my toddler twins from their cot. I didn’t want a thick mattress because I wanted to avoid the risk of them falling out. Also, the cover is easy to remove and put it back on for regular cleaning, perfect for kids!

Nice and soft, they love it 😊

Bit too flat for me however good quality for price. Recommend if you like a flat/low pillow.

It’s good for some specific purposes. I didn’t check the measurements before I bought it and it’s small for ironing and a square shape isn’t great for a lot of items. It would be fine over a washing machine that’s not fitted into cabinetry or over any other flat metal surface with lots of space around it, but people would need a lot of care ironing on other surfaces because of the small size. Probably ok for travel and using over a washing machine which is why I bought it, though stacked front loader washers& dryers are increasingly common and wouldn’t work with this. Items larger than a linen napkin would obscure the edges of this blanket and hence lead to heat damage to the surrounding surface. I would never use it on any flooring despite what it says on the packet/description online. I don’t think it should be used on any surface other than over a flat metal surface due to risk of damage to that syrface.


A replacement for my current mattress topper (different brand). Living Today's mattress topper is comfortable and gives me the support of my torso where its needed.


These unisex novelty no-show socks are so comfy and fun!


Love the combination of light and power!


Love the natural bamboo finish!


These novelty socks are so fun and comfortable! Love the variety of designs and colors.


A must-have for any car emergency kit. Bright and reliable!


Love how clean and refreshed it leaves my face feeling.

Handy As

This has become part of me; I take it everywhere and when I need a bigger bag, it just goes in it. Well made and functional.


Love how it keeps everything organized and accessible.


Great size pads as my husband ( who is still recovering from a fractured femur) has to use a bottle at night…so the pad saves any accidental spillages that might happen.


Sleek design and excellent lighting.