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Fun and Clever Home Improvement Ideas to Spoil Your Home With On a Budget

We all deserve a little TLC—including our homes. After all, it's not just our comfort zone and safe haven, but a reflection of who we are as an individual and as a family. While most home renovation plans will have you spending a big chunk of money from your savings, there are also home improvement projects that you can do to update your living space on a budget.


From dolling up your kitchen with a new bamboo cheese board set to swapping up a nozzle shower, we've rounded up our favourite tips for creating your happy place without knocking down a wall or breaking the bank.


Upgrade the cabinetry

Nothing can make your home look stuck in the past than worn-out cabinetry. Breathe new life into your living space by painting your cabinets with a fresh coat of paint. For maximum results, make sure to sand the surface from its old stain. Make it chic by changing the drawer pulls with new knobs of different finishes such as bronze, stainless, copper, or nickel.


Make use of peel and stick wallpapers

Wallpapers are so much more than a fad. A jolt of bright-colored wallpaper of different patterns and designs is a quick way to shape an area into a space with personality. Be careful when installing it though since it can be an intimidating DIY project. Applying it on textured walls can be tricky and some plasters will only adhere to surfaces with good ventilation.


Go for 'Green Improvements'

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The nice thing about environmentally-friendly home improvements is that it focuses more on efficiency and sustainability while adding natural warmth to your space. And the transition to a green home is easier and cheaper than you think. For starters, you can go ahead and switch to bamboo products.


From minimalist bamboo table kitchen to super functional bamboo Lazy Susan turntables, and aesthetic bamboo decors, there will always be a perfect piece for every corner of your home.


Display your mementos

With a little creativity and some attic inspection, you can create a space that's truly one of a kind. Those seashells and garlands from your beach vacations would make a lovely accent decor in your nautical-themed studio apartment.


Dig out old pictures frames, journals, and other treasured items and create display-worthy decors that reflect your personality and celebrate happy memories.


Fancy up your bookcase

While bookcases are highly functional when it comes to storage and display, they often lack personality. Make a dull white bookcase pop by painting the back of the shelf with vivid colors. You can also use wrapping papers to make an eye-catching backdrop using a utility knife and double-sided adhesive.


Finish it off by adding some depth with dainty vases or quirky trinkets. It can also be a multi-functional area for storing photo albums, vision boards, gadgets, and even your bamboo vanity mirror. You may also give old, used books a new life by wrapping them with metallic or marbled paper for a more luxurious feel.


Turn homewares into an art

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Say goodbye to the empty wall behind your wine bar or bamboo table kitchen by filling it up with cookware essentials fancy enough to double as decors. When hang in multiples, pots of different sizes, pans, and other utensils make gorgeous wall art.


Upgrade your bath with a new shower nozzle.

A shower head may sound so basic, but getting the right one can make your bathroom look modern and stylish. These days, shower nozzles are created in such a way that feels like a downpour—gentle, smooth, and therapeutic.


Luckily, some of the most stylish ones won't even cost you more than 50 bucks so you can still give this home upgrade a thumbs up even though you're tight on the budget.


Upcycle and repurpose

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Sometimes, to spruce up a space, all you need to do is to look at everyday objects in a different light. Channel your inner Holly Golightly and have your very own bathtub sofa. This DIY project may take a lot of work, but once completed with all the mismatch throw pillows and cosy blankets will make an extremely nice accent piece.


We hope you find this article handy, and if you’re looking into filling your home with sustainable items, we have a range of bamboo products like the bamboo cheese board set in Australia, bamboo picnic tables, cutlery tray, and more!

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